American Art Pottery Vase By Weller LaSa Line 10”


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Product Summary: This antique Weller LaSa line pottery vase was developed and introduced by John Lessell in 1920.  The Weller pottery company was the largest manufacturer of art pottery in the country during the turn of the century and up until the changing popularity of art pottery in the later 1920s. Weller produced pottery until the factory closed in 1948. 


Weller ran many independent pottery lines outside of their commercially produced lines, including the Sicard line, produced by Jacques Sicard,from 1902-1907, Weller Cretone, Xenia, and the LaSa line, as in this example for sale started by Lessell, still remain prized by collectors today.


Size: 10 inches in height, the rim 3.75 inches in diameter


Condition: With surface and potting imperfections, surface abrasions, the underside with residue and wear marks


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