The aim of Artzze is curated public accessibility.  The art market and design market is largely inaccessible to the public.  Even now with the advent of computer technology, buying collections or pieces is a direct consumer challenge.  Most customers can’t sit and wait for an auction all day starting on a Wednesday morning at 10:00 am to possibly buy something they may be interested between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm for an unknown price.  Buying from a small online shop is not easy, especially with one fuzzy picture of a piece that states a porcelain vase is hand painted—only to eventually find out, after receiving it, that it is transfer printed and worth substantially less in value.

The value proposition of buying antiques, vintage, or one-of-one items, is that there is a relative underlying value to this property.  Most new property loses its value almost immediately.  We tend to feel that property purchased from us can at least be sold for the price that was paid for it.  This is not normally something that happens with the things you buy things, you use and that you live with.  But in some sense there is a financial consideration tour products.

Buying online is not an easy process for the public. Images and image quality, credible condition information on pieces, ensuring items are well packed and shipped with reliable tracking. We focus on customer satisfaction from the initial engagement through to the receipt of the product.  Our products are meticulously inspected, described in the most accurate and honest detail possible, and photographed in HD to provide the highest level of historical and visual detail.

Our principals have purchased and sold a lot of pieces over the years and have watched our family do the same. We know how frustrating it is when we have waited two weeks to finally received an item and it is completely destroyed because the shipper used no packing material. We feel cheated of our time; the time it took to find the piece and make the commitment to buy it and handle having it shipped to us.

With all of this as the core of our motivation, Artzze goes to great lengths to make the process of buying online art, antiques and collectibles a more streamlined and rewarding process for our customers.

With easy online ordering, meticulous packing and shipping, and a vast spectrum of items to choose from, we’re setting the new standard when it comes to buying art securely online. Browse our entire collection or get in touch through our contact page to learn more.

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