About Artzze

For over 75 years, our family has been dedicated to making the process of shopping for art, antiques and home décor easier and more accessible to the public.  What began as a humble New York City antique store in the 1940’s, has evolved into one of the industry’s most unique and sought-after places to buy curated art, jewelry, collectables and so much more.  We’re still family-owned and operated, and working harder than ever to help bring your every inspiration to life.

Here are just a few of the characteristics that have helped us to continually grow and thrive over the past eight decades.

Mid-tier Pricing with High-tier Offering

Anyone with experience buying art online knows what a frustrating aspect pricing can be, as the vast majority of sellers typically fall on one side of a very wide-ranging spectrum.  So many of  todays’ offering are either new and of a lower price tier, or rare, vintage and priced well outside the budgets of day-to-day enthusiasts.  Artzze is bridging the gap by offering products at prices which make them far more accessible to the average buyer.  And because we specialize in original and one-of-one pieces, the worry of buying a reproduction is all but eliminated. 

Exquisite Online Presentation

We’re constantly amazed at how little effort some of our competitors put into the photographs and descriptions of the pieces they sell.  Blurry photos, single images, thoughtless item descriptions…  this is no way to inform and inspire those looking to you for expertise.  At Artzze, we understand the frustration and uncertainty this creates.  Our items are photographed from multiple angles in high resolution, using professional equipment and complemented with as much detail and historical information as possible.  This includes information on the item’s origin and creator, as well as detailed descriptions of any visible wear and tear in the case of older or vintage pieces.

Comprehensive Shipping Services

Having art and other fine collectibles shipped shouldn’t be an added source of stress. At Artzze, we make very certain that all items are thoroughly packed and carefully shipped.  Whether it’s using the right type and volume of packing materials, spending a little more on durable, high-quality boxes, or shipping items directly to your clients, no measure is too much.  Many of our competitors fail in this regard, as items are commonly shipped using inadequate packing materials, subject to delay, or shipped via third-party services requiring additional time, billing, and paperwork.  We take pride in offering clients immediate, one-click sales solutions shipped directly to their door to eliminate the common hassles.

A Curated Collection

We understand and appreciate that clients traditionally identify with a particular brand’s taste, and are drawn to the type of products that said brand may offer.  Following in this thinking, we go to great lengths to offer our curation of taste and merit.  This is based on a lifelong upbringing in the business, and moreover years working as industry professionals.  Exposure to tens of thousands of pieces, coupled with constant study in the field, allows to offer a collection is truly unlike any other in the country.

Spatial Inspiration 

We try to put ourselves in the mind of our clients.  What type of things would they be interested in?  What stimulates their curiosity of collection and inspiration of design?  What is their real passion?  By engaging in the exploration of what motivates our customers, Artzze has built its continually evolving collection in accordance with the tastes and true inspirations of those we serve.  Whether you’re looking to add vibrancy to your space or being, we work hard to offer items that provide a genuine connection to your fondest memories, people and places.

To learn more about who we are and what makes our gallery so novel, get in touch with the Artzze staff today and we’ll do our very best to assist.

With easy online ordering, meticulous packing and shipping, and a vast spectrum of items to choose from, we’re setting the new standard when it comes to buying art securely online. Browse our entire collection or get in touch through our contact page to learn more.

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