A 19th Century Engraving The Infant Hercules Sir J. Reynolds Pinxit


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Product Summary: This antique engraving of the infant Hercules, from the original work by Sir Joshua Reynolds, circa 19th century. The original work, the depiction of the infant Hercules was commission by Catherine the second of Russia. Sir Joshua Reynolds then the presiding president of the Royal Academy of Art in London in 1785 was given creative control over the commission and explored the visual language of Mythology in the original work. 


From the story of Pindar, the infant Hercules, (known in Greek as Herakles or Heracles), son of Zeus, was caught in a feud between Zeus and Hera, and as a result, Hera sent serpents to kill both the sons of Zeus, Hercules and his brother Iphikles. Upon receiving the snakes, Hercules is shown in this depiction killing the assassin serpents’ pair.  The event of Hercules killing the serpents was the first indication to Hercules parents Zeus and his mother Alcmene of the power and future greatness of Hercules. Hercules, who was eventually admitted to Mt Olympus with the gods.


The original painting a flection of Sir Joshua Reynolds influence of the Flemish masters Peter Paul Ruben’s, Titian, and Rembrandt. This work in fact the only work that during his career had absorbed the greatest time, study, and involvement.


Size: 19.25 x 13.1 inches the sheet, 7.25 x 5.75 inches the image


Condition: With toning and wear, creasing, foxing, staining, and wrinkles to the sheet, edge tears, with catalog notations on margins and on back of the sheet, on image edge Sir.J.Reynolds.Pinxit, The Infant Hercules, Chas Heath Sculpsit.

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